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Burrsville Infant Academy

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Welcome to Rowan Class



Here is an overview of our learning for the academic year.

Summer term 1

We had a very fun fortnight of learning when we were visited by some freshly laid eggs! The children watched the incubator intently for a couple of days and were very excited when the eggs began to hatch! The children loved using technology such as cameras and iPads to record the changes they observed. The children were great helpers and helped to change the bedding, change their water and top up their food. It was a fantastic learning experience for the children and best of all the children all got a turn of holding a chick and watching them chase around the classroom!


The children loved their work on the Percy Park Keeper stories by our author of the month, Nick Butterworth. We decided to teach this through visual literacy, so we shared the stories with the children on the IWB. The children were able to watch and listen to the stories which they really engaged with. We were able to pause the videos and look closely at character feelings and emotions. The children loved role play with Percy and his animal friends and made a wonderful display of the writing they completed at the end of the unit.

As we were all so excited about our topic, we booked a special visit to Jimmy’s Farm to help develop our understanding of plants and growing. We completed lots of fun and exciting activities including learning about and feeding the animals, learning how the farm runs, looking at different types of plants and talking about herbs, fruit and vegetables and the growing processes they go through. We also had some time to play with our friends and enjoy ourselves in the sunshine. What a wonderful day!


Levi- “Bacon comes from pigs.”

Dale- “this plant smells all minty.”

Maisey- “they start as piglets then are big pigs.”

Our work in maths this term has involved working with numbers to add and subtract, double and halve. We also learnt to count in twos, supported by using Noah’s Ark and the animal toys to tie in with the topic. The children were encouraged to ‘whisper’ the missing number to help them remember all of the even numbers in the sequence. The children ordered numbers using their knowledge of counting in 2s to make a ‘twos number line’.

To celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday the whole school celebrated with a special birthday party. We all bought in food and had a whole school buffet in the sunshine, complete with handmade bunting and our own crowns! We were later joined by our special visitor, Eddie the Eagle from Colchester United. Our parents and family members arrived and we enjoyed some quality playtime with them before the end of the school day.

Spring term 2

We have had a very busy term! Our topic this term was minibeasts. We began by learning about different types of minibeasts.

In our forest school sessions we went on bug hunts using the bug viewers and magnifying classes and recorded what we had found out.

We learnt the story 'The Hungry Caterpillar', written by our author of the month Eric Carle and retold this story in our class assembly. This story helped us to improve our understanding of days of the week and healthy eating.

We went on a school trip to Clacton Library and the Princes Theatre as part of our World Book Day celebrations. Here we worked on improving our communication and language skills by taking part in a range of activities such as retelling the story, using special effects and lighting to create different scenes and experimenting with our voices using the microphone.

As part of Science week, we all dressed up as aliens! We also enjoyed a  visit from the planetarium and learnt lots about space, stars, shapes and patterns. During Science week we had visits from an education group and local secondary school teachers who showed us cool experiments and got us interested and involved with learning about science.

Spring term 1

This term our topic was bears. We learnt about the story 'Whatever Next' which helped us to develop our understanding of space. We made junk model rockets, using our own ideas to help us design and construct with a purpose in mind. As always, our topic has helped us to improve our reading and writing skills.

This term we have been focussing on learning about different cultures as we celebrated Chinese New Year and Shrove Tuesday. We discussed why different celebrations take place and how different cultures celebrate.  This included tasting Chinese food, Chinese dances, making Chinese dragons, learning to write our names in Chinese, making pancakes and talking about the celebration of lent.

"It's hard to do the symbols"- Levi

"Noodles are wiggly! Wiggly worms"- Daisy

"My dad can flip them high"- Reece

In maths we have been learning to name and describe 2D and 3D shapes and some us began to classify them.

"It's like a big square (cube)"- Oliver

"They've all got the same length sides"- Mia S

We have also been learning about time, including reading time to the hour and measuring periods of time in simple ways such as using timers and stopwatches. We had great fun completing lots of different timed activities such as running races and who could put their wellies on the fastest! 

Autumn term 2

 We began the term learning about 'The Gingerbread Man' story. We enjoyed retelling the story using actions and props to help us. We learnt what repeated language is and this helped us to remember the story when writing about it.


As the Gingerbread Man went missing we went on a hunt around the school for him, reading clues to help us find him. We also used this focus is our maths work and practise weighing ingredients when making our own gingerbread men. We enjoyed decorating, and more importantly, eating them after!


This term we held our first class assembly and showcased all of our learning about the gingerbread man to our adults. They were all very impressed that we have learnt so much, despite only being in school a short amount of time.


As part of our learning about baking, we took a visit to the local shops in Frinton-on-sea. We visited a real bakery and had the opportunity to look at the ovens, roll out the dough and feel and smell some ingredients used in baking. We also visited some supermarkets and other local shops and we ended the day by having lunch at Frinton Primary School. It was a great opportunity to interact with people of our own age and look at another Early Years setting and the whole class enjoyed it very much!


As we end the term the children have been busy learning about the Christmas story and practising their nativity 'Busy, Busy Bethlehem'. The children have been working hard to practise lines and songs and have demonstrated sustained concentration and fabulous confidence!

Merry Christmas Rowan Class!


Autumn term 1

During our first few weeks of school we have had lots of fun exploring our new classrooms and outside area.

We have also made lots of new friends in Rowan, Maple and Birch.

"I like playing with Mia and Freddie"- Levi

"Where's Thomas? He's my friend"- Dale

"I like going in Birch class so I can see Alfie"- Freddie C


We have been very good at remembering the class and school rules and have been sharing nicely, keeping our classroom neat and tidy and shown good listening skills as we have settled into the Burrsville routine.


"Can I take the register back?"- Emmie

"Can I have the sellotape please?"- Caitlin

"We need to turn the sign to closed"- Maisey

"I'm picking up all the jumpers"- Mia S

We have been practising writing our names and hearing and writing initial sounds.

Lots of us are becoming more confident holding a pencil.

We have also been working hard at recognising numbers and shapes in the environment around us.

"b for butterfly"- Daisy

"m, i, a- Mia!"- Mia J

"That's my name in a circle"- Levi

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12"- Oliver

"It's round!"- Brooke

"We doing a orange square"- Courtney


On the 13th October the EYFS children enjoyed taking part in a whole school skipping event.


Each class had a skipping session which focussed on developing key movement skills such as control, co-ordination and balance. We practised building confidence by moving the rope over our heads and stepping over it. We preserved, even though some of us found it difficult to use the skipping rope.


Some children from each class then performed as part of a whole school assembly. We followed up our learning by incorporating skipping into the EYFS provision.

We had a great time practising our song for the Harvest service at our local church, St John's. We all walked to the church and this was our first time being out of school. We were very braved and sung in front of all of the grown ups who had come to watch. We enjoyed going to the church and we are looking forward to more adventures out of school soon!