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Burrsville Infant Academy

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Birch 2016/17

Welcome to Birch class!

Please find below our curriculum map for the year ahead:


Summer 1

'Why do cow's drink milk?'

We had a 'sparkling start' to the topic with a visit of some chicken eggs! We watched excitedly as the eggs began to hatch one by one! We all took good care of the baby chicks by making sure they had fresh water and chick food everyday. Some of us helped clean out the bedding and lots of us were really brave and held the chicks! After two weeks the chicks were re-homed at farms in the local area.

" It feels very soft and very cute" says Roxy.


In maths we were learning about halving numbers and used resources to support us to do this. We also investigated different shapes and the properties of shapes. We enjoyed making shape pictures and models and describing them.

"It's a rectangle, it has 2 ends and 2 long sizes." Millie remarks.


This half term we thought about healthy eating and making healthy choices. Guiseppe Archimboldo is a famous artist who created painting using different fruits and vegetables. We had fun creating our own healthy food faces by using our healthy snacks.Which one would you fancy eating?


Lots of us had family members to join us for fun in the forest which we linked to learning about maths. We made potions, did bug hunting and make necklaces using natural resources. Some of us sold pots of vegetables to the families so we had to use our adding and subtracting skills.

Our fabulous finish to the topic was our exciting visit to Jimmy's Farm! The children had lots of discussions about how to stay safe before we went:

"You must hold hands." Tillie-Lou says

"You need to wear your seatbelt". Ashton says

"Don't scream or shout at the animals and frighten them" Evie says.

During the trip children were able to stroke the guinea pigs, feed the pigs and find out lots of exciting facts about them. We had a look inside the butterfly house and finished the day with a play at the play park!

Spring 2

'Why do ladybird's have spots?' was our minibeast topic. We have been spotting and looking closely at mini-beasts in the environment, making them out of craft materials and dressing up as minibeasts! We have spent lots of time in the forest and even had our pancakes on pancake day in the forest!

Erin "Look it's a real spider but it's not alive now. You can look really closely at it!"

Alby "It's all runny, I think it's going to go harder on the fire".


Roxy "It's a bee, I cut it out and stuck together".


Lots of us designed and made bug hotels out of junk modelling. We thought about what the bugs would need to survive and what kinds of places they might like to live. We then create our bug hotels and have already had a few visitors!

We had a exciting visit from 'The Bug Man'. He brought in a range of bugs for us to hold and look at. Some of us were very brave!

To celebrate world book day we took a trip to Clacton library and shared a story with the librarian and explored all the great books in the children's section. Afterwards we crossed the road and visited the Town hall and Princes Theatre. Kai let us go onto the stage and showed us how the lights and smoke are used to create effects. We even had a turn speaking into the microphones! 

Spring 1

We started 2017 with our topic 'What happen's when we fall asleep?' through which we learnt lots about space and night and day.  We all enjoyed the story 'Whatever next' where baby bear imagines that he flies off to space in his rocket. Some of us designed our own rockets out of 3D shapes.

'The Owl who was afraid of the Dark' story gave us the opportunity to think about character feelings and we enjoyed writing speech bubbles in Literacy. Some of us used magnetic letters to segment the sounds we could hear in words from the story. We also wrote our own New Year wishes, thinking about what we would like to improve on this year.

We ended our topic with a 'Fab Finish'by holding a PJ party! We had marshmallows toasted on the fire in the forest, then hot chocolate and stories back in the classroom followed by us all painting day and night plates. A great event to share with our adults!

Autumn 2nd half:

Well it's been a busy, busy half term in Birch class. We started by working on the story of 'The Three Bears', in Maths we were sharing out sweets for the bears and looking at whether it was equal or not. We all had fun working together and mixing colours of paints to create giant bear pictures. In Literacy we used role play to think of what different characters in the story might say.

The next traditional story that we looked at together was the Gingerbread-man. We had lots of fun re-telling it and joining in with the repeated language. In maths we felt the weight of different ingredients and used the balance scales to compare them. We also followed instructions and made our own gingerbread men. We had our own ideas of how our man would look, but luckily we ate him before he ran away! 

We have had an exciting build up to Christmas, we learnt about advent and enjoyed making lots of Christmas decorations and Christmas cards. Of course we have also spent lots of time practising for our Christmas nativity! Learning songs and actions, practising our lines and learning all about the Christmas story. 

Autumn 1st half:.


What a great start to the year! The children are settling in really well and are making lots of new friends. Our first topic  'Do you want to be friends?' provides the children with lots of opportunities to think about friendship and sharing. The children have been having lots of fun exploring all of the areas of EYFS including lots of time spent in our fabulous outside area. We have also been working together to think of our class rules to keep us all safe and happy.


We have been listening to Elmer stories these first few weeks of term and have been learning about colours and counting. Look at some of the things we have been doing below: