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Burrsville Infant Academy

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Welcome to Cherry Class!

Summer 1.
 This half term our new topic is "The Enchanted Woodland." We began our topic by thinking about what magical creatures might be living in a forest, and going outside to see if we could find any. When we could not find any fairies, goblins or pixies we decided that perhaps we needed to make them a home. The children first sketched their design and then used natural materials to create this. We developed a fantastic list of what our houses needed to be or include. Our list included being camouflaged, dry and safe. 

During this topic we will be learning about plants in science, and an important individual in our history lessons.  We are very excited to continue our learning in all areas of our day and to share what we have been doing at school with our adults at home. 

Spring 2

Our exciting topic this half term has been "Superheroes." To start our topic we had our very own superhero day. We all came in dressed up as our favorite hero (or created our own.) We were very lucky to have some real life superheroes come to visit us. They each spoke to us about their jobs and what they do each day. We learnt about firefighters, police officers and life guards. We got to practice using the life saving equipment and all had a turn sitting in the fire engine. 

Within our maths lessons we have continued to develop our understanding of addition and multiplication. We are becoming more confident with using different resources and methods to help us. We are all working hard to apply what we have learnt when problem solving and are starting to be able to use our reasoning skills. 

Within our art lessons we spent lots of time learning how to draw a self portrait. We then learnt about the artist Roy Lichtenstein. We painted our own pictures in the style of of Roy Lichtenstein using cotton buds. We thought carefully about the colours that we needed to use and the different shapes of our features.

This half term we have had lots of exciting opportunities including dressing up to raise money for Red Nose Day and making pancakes for pancake day. We all went into the forest to make our pancakes with Mrs Perryman. Some of us had never tried a pancake before, but we all really enjoyed them!! 

During this topic we have been learning about materials in science. We have been learning to describe and sort a variety of materials. We have completed some fantastic superhero experiments and have asked lots of brilliant questions. We are starting to predict what we think will happen before completing an experiment and then describe our results. We finished our half term with Science Week. We took part in a fantastic science work shop to finish Science week and were all very excited to explain to our adults at home what we had been learning about. 

Spring 1

Our topic this half term was "Bright Lights Big City." We began our topic with a fantastic royal tea party. The Queen came to visit us, we asked lots of brilliant questions and even had a competition to design our own crowns. 

We learnt that the Queen has a palace in London and this inspired us to learn more about London. We did lots of research using the Ipads, non- fiction books and asking our friends who had visited London. We then learnt about all of the different capital cities in the UK and compared them.

During our history lessons we learnt all about The Great fire of London. We researched the facts and sequenced the events. We completed role play activities and were able to answer questions as Samuel Pepys and as if we were people who had been living in London. We are all about to explain the cause of the fire and why it continued to spread.  We created our own fantastic pictures of the fire and wrote diary entries pretending that we were really there. We have used the forest lots when learning about this time in history. We created our own paper houses and placed them close together to explore what would happen when we set fire to them. It was clear to see how easily the fire could spread between them. During our maths lessons on weight we even had the opportunity to make our own bread, just like the bread that would have been in the bakery on Pudding Lane!! To complete our topic we had a "Fab Finish" of an interesting Great Fire of London workshop. We got to use our drama, music and acting skills in this.

During our maths lessons this half term we have continued our work on number. We have also been partitioning numbers into tens and one, been practicing our measuring skills and have been exploring weight. 

Autumn 2

We have had lots of fun this term with off our ‘Memory Box’ topic. We have had lots of fun talking about our favourite, the differences between ourselves now and when we were babies and researching old toys and comparing them to new toys. We have enjoyed using the iPads and information books to help us to write our own non-fiction text about an old toy. We are now about to sort fiction and non fiction texts. We can identify lots of different features of non fiction texts and have enjoyed looking for these in a selection of books.

Whilst learning about British Values year one learnt about the Gunpowder Plot. We researched the plot, role played this, and were able to to retell the events in our writing.

We have been exploring each of our 5 senses through our science lessons. We have been able to identify which body part we use to experience each sense and have developed this within our English lessons. We have written and performed senses poems and written from the perspective of a creature in the forest, thinking about what we might be able to see, hear, feel, smell and taste.

We have developed lots of different skills in maths this term. We have learnt to add and subtract using objects, number lines and hundred squares to help us. We are starting to apply these skills when problem solving. We have also had lots of fun learning to tell the time and becoming confident with the days of the week.

We have been working very hard to learn our songs and words for our nativity and cannot wait to show all of our grownups what we can do! – We are fantastic actors.

 We are looking forwards to starting our new topic in January   ‘Bright Lights and Big Cities’!

We wish all of the children and their families a very happy Christmas.




Autumn 1.

We have all settled in to year one brilliantly and are already enjoying learning lots of new things.

Our topic this term is "Memory Box." Within this topic we will be thinking about memories that we have, writing diaries and recounts and exploring changes in living memory. We have already been learning about and using adverbials of time in our English lessons. We are now able to include these in our writing.  

So far this year in maths we have enjoyed learning about and creating our own patterns. We have begun exploring addition and have had lots of fun adding numbers together in practical ways


Please come back soon to see some more photos of the fantastic things that we have been doing, and to hear more about all of the exciting things that we are learning.

Please take a look at our curriculum map to see all of the exciting things that we will be learning about this year.