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Maple 2016/17 


Welcome to Maple class!


Here is our curriculum map for the academic year. We are using the Cornerstones curriculum this year so take a look at what we will be learning about in EYFS.

Summer term 2

Our topic this term was 'Who lives in a rock pool?' We had our 'Pirate and Merperson Day' for our Sparkling Start, which the children loved. There was an excellent morning of craft including making merperson necklaces and pirate eye patches. We also had a fantastic  afternoon of treasure hunts, adventure trails and pirate dances. Thank you to all of the adults for supporting us with this day and providing some amazing costumes.


We had lots of fun events this term and plenty of opportunities for  family members to join us in school. One afternoon, we had our EYFS afternoon tea. It was amazing to see so many grown ups there to support their children and the school. Thank you to everyone for coming and we hope you had a lovely time.


We also has our last Family Fun Time. It was a lovely day, including picnic food, a leavers craft and lots of opportunities to explore our outside area and the forest area. The children really enjoyed this time and we were really fortunate with the weather.


Sports day was a huge highlight of this term and the children loved every minute of it. They were impeccably behaved and tried their hardest at every activity. I hope that all of the grown ups managed to get lots of lovely pictures that they will be able to treasure and look back on in the years to come.


So, after a busy and fabulous year (and lots of end of term celebrations!), Maple class are ready to move up to year one. You have all been so fantastic and we will miss each and every one of you. Thank you so much to all the adults for your ongoing support and for contributing to the special events we organise, helping us to build such fantastic relationships.


Well done to all of you, have a lovely summer and good luck for next year.

Summer term 1 

We had an exciting start to our topic, 'Do cows drink milk?' which helped us learn lots more about plants and animals. We had some small, furry visitors in the shape of chicks! We observed the eggs whilst they were kept in the incubator and before long we started to notice cracks appear! The chicks hatched over the next few days and when they were a little bit bigger we were able to hold them. Here are some pictures of us enjoying handling them.

Coron- "One is yellow and one is brown."

Joshua- "When they get big enough they hatch out and turn from an egg to a chick!"

Kieron- "I love holding the chicks, animals are my favourite."

We had an exciting Family Fun Time session, which was held in the forest and outdoor area. Before the session, we helped to grow some herbs that were used in a dip that we had as snack. We sold healthy snack pots including vegetable sticks and sold pots of bird food to help us understand more about maths (using money), healthy eating and caring for animals. We completed fun activities such as making necklaces, bug hunting, making potions in the mud kitchen, using a range of play equipment and writing using charcoal.

Towards the end of the term we did an amazing class assembly! We spoke so clearly and performed flawlessly. All of our practise and hard work paid off and it was the best assembly Miss Pargin has seen from EYFS children!

 Video to follow.

The 'Fab Finish' for our topic was a celebration of all we had learnt about plants and animals, with a trip to Jimmy's Farm. We visited lots of different animals and learnt about what they like and dislike. We also went into the butterfly house and found out that lots of them like eating bananas! It was very hot in there so we only stayed in there a little while. We finished the day by playing in the play park and on the giant bouncy pillow.  

Spring term 2

Our 'Sparkling Start' for our fantastic topic, 'Why Do Ladybirds Have Spots?' was a visit from Martin the Bug Man! Martin showed us lots of different minibeasts and told us lots of interesting facts about them. We were all very brave and lots of us handled the creatures; with some of us even having them on our faces or head!

At the beginning of the term we also celebrated World Book Day. To improve our understanding of reading outside of the school context we visited Clacton Library and the Princes Theatre. During our trip we learnt about the services the library offer and had the opportunity to apply for our own library card. We then looked around the theatre and were able to use the microphone to explore sound and look at the different lighting techniques. We all really enjoyed the trip and behaved amazingly! 

We held a class assembly towards the end of the term to share all we have learnt about with our grown ups and the rest of the school. Here we are talking about our topic and what we have been learning about in literacy and maths, as well as in the other areas of learning. 

Spring term 1

We started the term by celebrating New Year and writing what our wishes for 2017 are. Here are some of our ideas: 

Phoebe- "I wish to get better at maths."

Rumer- "I wish to get better at swimming."

Ronnie- "I wish to get better at football."


Our new topic was called 'What Happens When I Fall Asleep?' We made predictions about this and many of us shared what we dream about. 

As part of our learning about day and night, we explored times of day and what we do at different times. We learnt to sequence events, using our knowledge of everyday time to help us with our shape, space and measure lessons. 

We also learnt about night and day through the story 'Whatever Next!' We explored space and made our own models of rockets using junk modelling materials. 

 We ended the topic by having our fabulous finish after school. We held a pyjama party and our family members were invited to join us and complete activities, showcasing our learning about day and night time. The activities included a forest fire, exploring light using torches, bedtime stories with hot chocolate and making day and night craft. 

Autumn term 2

Now that we are more settled at school we have enjoyed learning about a new topic from the Cornerstones curriculum, called 'Will You Read Me a Story?' We began the topic with a memorable experience, a visit to the cinema in school! We watched the traditional story 'The Three Little Pigs' complete with popcorn and drinks.

Our new topic is literacy focussed and our Family Fun Time session incorporated literacy based activities. Here are some photographs of us enjoying quality time with our families.

We have been looking at a range of different traditional tales such as 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', 'The Gingerbread Man' and more modern tales 'The Jolly Postman' and 'The Jolly Christmas Postman'. We have had a lot of fun baking gingerbread people, learning how to stay safe in the kitchen and cook hygienically. We decorated our people using our fine motor skills to add faces and buttons. We have also been learning about size and measurement in maths, placing objects in order from smallest to largest using cubes and other equipment to support our learning. We have had lots of fun retelling the stories and role playing, using what we know about characters to help us. Here are some examples of our learning:

At the end of the term, we were very lucky to be taken to see the pantomime, 'Sleeping Beauty'. As this was our first proper school trip, some of us were a little nervous. However we all enjoyed going on the bus and waving to some of our houses! We behaved impeccably, making all of the grown ups very proud. Watch this space for our next school trip information!

Autumn term 1

We have been settling into school well and making lots of new friends. We are becoming more familiar with our inside and outside areas and learning about how to stay safe in school by following our school rules. We have enjoyed spending time in Rowan and Birch classes as well as our own classroom and have enjoyed seeing some old and lots of new friends playing in the EYFS unit too!   

 We have been practising writing our names and learning some initial letter sounds in literacy. In maths we have explored counting and recognising numbers.


We are excited to learn about colour and patterns, seasonal change and Harvest Festival in the next few weeks.

 Dexter- "That one goes there" (using Numicon).

Kyla- "I need a 7" (Numicon tile).

Charlie- "Your turn now!"

Coron- "I'm going to do the drums."


Ronnie- "I can jump really high!"

Pearl- "I'm making a long medal."

Darcie- "I can do my name by myself."