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Welcome to Oak Class!

Summer 2


We cannot believe that we are already into our last half term in year one! The year has gone so quickly and we have had so much fun learning lots of different topics. 


We had a great sparkling start to our topic 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers' with an art and craft day. We designed and made our own woodland creatures in their habitats out of paper plates. Then we hid them in the forest for each other to find. We ended our first week of our topic with a school trip to Hasty's farm. We had a great time travelling together on the coach and learning about the different animals.


"A pygmy goat means that it is miniature. Miniature means tiny" Tyler 


"A male sheep is called a Ram and a female sheep is called a Ewe" Darcy


We enjoyed writing a recount of our school trip and we remembered that we needed to use adverbials of time when writing a recount. We also linked our recounts to the skills we have learnt in history...


"We need to write it in past tense because our trip has already happened so that means it is in the past!" Mia 


Our English unit at the moment is fantasy texts and we are exploring different language and punctuation that we can use to make our writing even more exciting. Soon we will be writing instructions and letters to our new class teacher for next year! 


We have been making the most of the sunshine and have been 3D shape detectives outside on the field, in our new sensory garden and in the forest. 


"The log is a cylinder. It has 3 faces" Lillie 


"The tire looks different to the log but it is still a cylinder" Darcy 


We have also been using objects and shapes to learn about fractions. We had great fun grouping, playing fraction bingo, and writing number sentences in our books. Now that the weather is looking better we will be learning outside more and will start some work on capacity soon!


We have started practicing for our sports day and can't wait to show off our skills. Look out in the newsletters for dates and times! 

Summer 1


This term we introduced an exciting new topic 'The enchanted woodland' for our last term. Our classroom has been transformed into a woodland forest, with some familiar looking pixies all around the room...


We have already kick started our science topic 'Plants' and have been out in the forest looking for what is alive and what is not in the forest and how we know. We will be looking at leaves and buds soon and what their job is on a plant, as well as drawing and labeling different plants.


We are looking forward to finding who the important individual from the past is in our history lessons, but we have not quite worked it out yet. We really enjoyed history last term, especially researching, and finding out the answers to our questions. So this will be a fun unit for us!


In maths we have been working out what odd and even numbers are and we have been doubling these as well. We have been using dominoes, drawing spots on lady birds, using counters and peg boards, as well as the laptops. We really enjoyed writing out our own doubles word problems form our talk partner.


We are currently very busy in class preparing for our class assembly and we look forward to seeing you there! We will be telling you all about our adjective and conjunction work in English too. We have been working hard to make our sentences really interesting, as well as using our phonic skills to improve our spelling.


Remember at the bottom on the page are some suggestions for great education websites!



Spring 2

We were very excited to welcome our new topic 'Superheros' to year one with a superhero day! We had real life superheroes come to visit us and talk about their jobs and how they help people. We had great fun meeting a police officer, a life guard, and some fire men. We especially enjoyed sitting in the fire truck!


In our Science unit 'Materials' we were asking lots of questions, and carried out a range of super hero experiments! We especially enjoyed finding out what materials are waterproof and why we need waterproof materials. 


In maths we took advantage of some warmer weather and went outside to learn about arrays. We had to work out how many superheros we would need to win against the villians, and enjoyed using objects, pictures and moving on to tricky word problems to help the superheroes.



Spring 1


We had a great start to our spring term with our topic 'Bright Lights Big City'. We had a special tea party with 'the Queen' and had lots of questions to ask her. She looked very posh and even wore her crown!


We learnt that the Queen has a palace in London and so carried on our topic by learning about London in our English lessons by looking at non-fiction books, as well as in Geography where we learnt about the different capital cities of the United Kingdom. We found this really interesting and wrote post cards to Miss Siggery pretending we had visited each city...We sounded very busy! 


We learnt all about the Great fire of London in history, and sequenced the events, wrote out time lines and researched facts using Ipads and books.  We continued our terms theme on in art, and created our own fire flames in different patterns and textures. 


We were very lucky as Miss Perryman took us into the forest to do some junk modelling. We decided to make houses and squeeze them together, like they were in pudding lane. Then we set one on fire to see what would happen.


Charlie -  "all the houses caught of fire because they were too close together" 

Jack - "the wind blew and blew the fire along so the houses caught on fire quickly"

Shardai - "If the houses were not made of wood then the fire might not have happen" 




Autumn term 2


We are just finishing off our ‘Memory Box’ topic and have had great fun learning about old toys and comparing them to new toys. We have researched old toys using the IPads and non-fiction books to write our own page for a non-fiction book too!

In R.E we have been thinking about special people. We have talked about what we like about ourselves and what makes us special.

“I’m a good friend” – Courtney

“I can ride my bike” – Alfie

We also spent some time thinking about the special people in our lives. We linked this to the people we wrote about for our memory box. We had a birthday party in class and wrapped presents and wrote out cards for our friends. We discussed how our friends are special and on their birthday it a day to celebrate and appreciate them. We are now looking forwards to wrapping Christmas presents and celebrating Christmas with our Family too!


We’ve been working on time this term and had great fun starting the unit off with a game of ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ We played time bingo, snap, written the correct times, drawn clock faces and solved some tricky problems. We also enjoyed our subtraction this term and we enjoyed showing you our subtraction skills at our last open morning. We know how to use objects, pictorial representations, number lines and 100 squares to take away!






This term we also had an anti-bullying day and an E-safety day. For anti-bullying we spent time in different classes enjoying different practical activities such as role play, making posters, empathy games and quizzes. We enjoyed going to different classes and were all full of smiles when we returned to our own classes. Ask us what bullying is and how we can help!

Our E- Safety day was great fun too. We enjoyed spending some time on the iPads and computers and we learnt a song to help us remember how to stay safe. In class we worked in groups to come up with actions to help us remember the song. Have a look on the front page of the website to find some of our dances!


We have all been practicing hard for our nativities and are excited for you to come and watch all our hard work. We are also very excited to go to the pantomime next week too! It was a great surprise when the cast from ‘Sleeping Beauty’ came to tell us about it!


I hope you all have a lovely restful Christmas with your families. Remember to put any reading your child does in your child’s diaries so they get their DoJo points over Christmas.


I look forward to seeing you all in January for our new topic ‘Bright Lights and Big Cities’!

Autumn term 1


We have all settled in so well to year one and have learnt so much already! We started our topic 'Memory Box' with a big year one picnic to share some songs, stories, and memories with each other.  We had a great time all being together, and we're looking forward to sharing some happy memories with each other too.


This term we are learning about place value and number in maths. We have already been working on our number recognition using cubes, numicon and number cards to play lots of number recognition games. 


We are learning how to write diary entries and recounts in English this term and have enjoyed role playing in our toy shop, developing our phonics, and lots of writing skills too. 


 Come back soon to see all the exciting things that we are learning about this term.


Days to remember: 

 Monday - forest schools 

Thursday - P.E (no earings please)



See below some great educational websites that can be accessed at home, and our Curriculum Map to see what we'll be up to the rest of the year!


Phonics and English