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Rowan 2016/17


Welcome to Rowan Class!

Here is our curriculum map for the year. We are using the Cornerstones curriculum this year so we have lots of new things that we will be learning about.

Summer Term 2

For our last term this year our topic is 'Who lives in a rock pool?' It is so sad to say goodbye to everyone but we are all ready to move into our new Year One classes. The children really enjoyed their transition days and have made a lovely connection with their new teachers already.


We had our 'Pirate and Merperson Day' for our Sparkling Start, which the children loved. There was an excellent morning of eye patch and necklace craft and an afternoon of treasure hunts, adventure trails and pirate dances. Thank you everyone for making such an effort with the costumes. It was a really lovely day and the children were very excited to take their yummy treasure home to enjoy. 


We have also had our EYFS afternoon tea. It was amazing to see so many grown ups there to support their children and the school. Thank you to everyone for coming and we hope you had a lovely time.


We also has our last Family Fun Time. It was a lovely day with a goodbye buffet and lots of time to play with your children in their school environment. Again, the support from parents was amazing and it wouldn't have been half as special without you. The children really enjoyed this and it is brilliant that it was such lovely weather.


Sports day was a huge highlight of this term and the children loved every minute of it. They were impeccably behaved and tried their hardest at every activity. I hope that all of the grown ups managed to get lots of lovely pictures that they will be able to treasure and look back on in the years to come.


So, after an amazing year, it is time to say goodbye to this year's Rowan class. You have all been absolute superstars and it has been a pleasure getting to know you all and forming such lovely relationships. I will be very sad to see you all go but I know that you will all be fantastic in Year One and will make even more special memories. I wish you all the best in the future. Thank you so much for being the perfect class and also a big thank you to all the grown ups for being so wonderful. Good luck!

Summer Term 1

Our new topic for this term is 'Do cows drink milk?' We have been learning all about growing and living things.


We had a magical 'Sparkling Start' when the chicks came to visit us. It was lovely to have them to stay and we all enjoyed holding them, caring for them and talking about all the other things that we needed to remember to keep them safe. We had lots of interesting talks about how chicks grow and what happens as they develop. Soon it was time for them to go, so we said a big goodbye and off they went to their new homes.

Mylo: "The chicks are soft and fluffy. The yellow chicks are boys and the girls are brown."

Archie: "I was holding the chick it jumped up on me it felt like baby claws."

Poppy: "The mummy hen lays the eggs and then they crack and they come out of the eggs and when they first come out they are all wet and then we have to look after them."


We also had a brilliant 'Family Fun Time' in the forest. The children really enjoyed working with their teachers to sell vegetables and bird seed to the grown ups. There were lots of fun activities to enjoy including potion making, bug hunting and making necklaces from the resources found in the forest. It was a really lovely time and it was great to see so many adults attending.

Phoebe: "We're looking for worms."

Millie-Rose: "I'm making a mud pie for Leo."


In Maths we have been learning about doubling, halving and positional language. The children were all amazing at this and they really loved doubling with the large foam Numicon. They also had lots of fun learning about positional language, using themselves to support their learning! We have also been doing lots of excellent writing, with everyone trying so hard to recall all of the events in our focus stories: 'Handa's Surprise', 'Owl Babies' and 'The Little Red Hen'.


This term we were also learning about an artist named 'Giuseppe Arcimboldo'. He uses a variety of fruit and vegetables to make pictures and we had fun trying to make our own pictures using our snack on the snack table. You may have seen the pictures of us doing this on Tapestry, but if not there are some examples below.


We finished our amazing term with a visit to Jimmy's Farm. This visit was absolutely fantastic and the children were all impeccably behaved. We were given the opportunity to visit the butterfly house, learn lots of new facts about different types of pigs, and meet lots of different types of animals. We all really enjoyed seeing the guinea pigs and we were even able to stroke them. Of course, we also had time to play in the play area, which was great fun.


So after a very busy term I think everyone was looking forward to a nice rest in preparation for their last term in Rowan Class. We shall stay updated with our new adventures in our last term before Year One...

Spring Term 2

We have been very busy this term. Our new topic was 'Why do ladybirds have spots?' We had some great ideas to answer this question...

Maisey: "They have spots to keep them healthy."

Harrison: "Because black fits with red."

Rhys: "It's because they are poisonous."

We researched into this as a class and we found out that they have spots to warn off predators!


To start our new topic we had Martin the bug man come in to visit us with lots of different minibeasts. We were very brave and some of us held the minibeasts and others had them put on their stomachs!


To celebrate World Book Day we also had an exciting trip to the library and Princes' theatre where we were allowed on the stage to play with the lights and microphones. We then walked carefully over to the library where we listened to a brilliant story and coloured in some pictures for their new display.


At school we all dressed as a character from our favourite book! We had so much fun and our costumes were amazing. Some of the older children read our books to us and it was a really wonderful day.


We had a lovely term listening to stories about minibeasts, such as 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and using our new insect friends to help us to learn how to add and subtract.

Abigail: "8 take away 2 is 6. 6 take away 3 is 3!"


For our fab finish we made popcorn over the campfire in the forest. It was fun to hear it pop and we loved watching it explode.

Harrison: "It's exploding! The fire makes it hot and cooks it so it explodes."

Evie: "It's going to turn into popcorn cos the fire is making it warm and it will start to pop and then we can eat it!"

Spring Term 1

To start our new term we each wrote a wish for the New Year. We had lots of lovely ideas and we enjoyed telling our friends what we would like to get even better at. 

Corey: "I wish to get better at riding my bike."


This term our topic was 'What happens when I fall asleep?' We enjoyed discussing what we dream about and shared some of our favourite dreams with our peers. We had fun learning all about day and night and read some fun stories such as 'Whatever Next!'. We enjoyed looking at nocturnal and diurnal animals and found it interesting to discuss which animals like to sleep in the day and which ones sleep at night.

Poppy: "The fox comes out at night and the birds come out in the day."


In maths we had fun learning all about 2D and 3D shapes and tried to build rockets using the new 3D shapes we have learned about. We also used rockets to support us to learn about one more and one less.

Rhys: "I have made a hexagon shape 1,2,3,4,5,6 sides."


To finish our excellent term we had a late night pyjama party where we had a range of day and night activities. We enjoyed having marshmallows round the campfire, we painted day and night plates and had a warm hot chocolate whilst reading a story.

Autumn Term 2

We have had a busy half-term with lots of exciting things! We have worked so hard in our writing and maths and you can see our hard work paying off through amazing new skills. We have been learning all about 'The Gingerbread Man', 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and 'The Jolly Postman'. We have made some yummy gingerbread men and we even had a class picnic, watching 'The Gingerbread Man' story and eating our treats with our friends. We have written some lovely letters in our post office role play area and posted them to the familiar characters in our 'Jolly Postman' story. 


In maths we have been sharing sweets, measuring weights and objects, ordering numbers and looking at money. We have been trying really hard to learn all about these new things, working alongside our friends to develop our knowledge and understanding. We have been using our measuring when making our gingerbread men and ordering our letter envelopes from smallest to biggest. We have really enjoyed using real money in our role play areas, although sometimes we loved it so much that we wished we could take it home!


Everyone at school loved our poppy display with comments being made about how hard we all must have worked at home. An amazing effort was made and it was wonderful to have our work above our coats for everyone to see.


Also, we have had our EYFS Nativity. Everyone worked so hard to learn their different parts and it was an amazing performance. It was excellent to have everyone working together to put on a production that showed how talented everyone in Early Years is. Well done!


Most recently we have been to the panto to watch 'Sleeping Beauty'. All the children really enjoyed it and even the children who found it a bit scary persevered, eventually joining in and developing their confidence. 


So after a lovely half-term everyone is in need of a brilliant Christmas break for working so hard. Merry Christmas and we will be back in the New Year for more Rowan adventures...


Autumn Term 1 

We have had a fun start to the year in Rowan, learning all about the new activities available in our new classrooms and outdoor area. We have had class circle times where we have created our classroom rules to keep us safe and make sure everyone has a nice time at school. We have all met lots of new children and we are really enjoying playing with our other 60 new friends over the adjoining two classrooms as well as all our new friends in Rowan! 

Our first weeks

We have had a lovely time settling into our new class. We have all enjoyed lots of new experiences and have been having fun exploring our new environment. Lots of us like playing outside in the water tray and mud kitchen and we are also enjoying trying to make pictures and play games on the computer. 

We had our first PE session this week and we all tried really hard to get dressed and undressed and had tried our best to balance on the beam and throw and catch the ball. We have also started learning our Letters and Sounds! So far we have learnt the 's' sound and we went on a secret mission to find all the 's's in the classroom. We found so many!

Soon we will be learning our 'a' sound, so keep checking the website to see our new adventures!