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Burrsville Infant Academy

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Welcome to Maple and Rowan classes

EYFS 2019-2020


See our curriculum map below to find out which exciting topics we will be learning about this year. 

Topic: Do you want to be friends?

Sparkling start: Tour of the school


We have had great fun settling into school and exploring our new environment. We spend part of the day in our own classes and use the rest of the time to explore the other classroom and outside area. Our teachers have been supporting us to make new friends, learn how to share and to follow our class and school rules. Some of our favourite areas to explore are the mud kitchen, creative activities, role play and construction areas. During our first few weeks of school we are working hard to get into a routine and manage our emotions. Here are some photographs of us exploring our new environment. 

We have also taken part in adult-guided activities, such as learning how to write our name, draw a self-portrait and talk about our families. The adults have given us practical activities to complete, such as counting a number of objects or ordering pictures from a story. This has helped them to find out what we know already and plan what they need to teach us next. 

Things that my grown ups can do to support me at home:

  • Teach me to write my name independently. This may start with tracing or copying to begin with. If I can write my name, help me form letters correctly and use capital letters in the correct place.
  • Practise my number recognition by hunting for numbers in the environment. Play lots of games that involve number recognition. I need to recognise numbers up to 20 and beyond by the end of the year. 
  • Encourage me to dress myself independently and manage my own personal needs, particularly when using the toilet. 
  • Explain that letters have a name and a sound. Introduce me to letter sounds first, but if I know letter names too this is great! Use 'Mr Thorne Does Phonics' on YouTube to ensure correct pronunciation. Begin with the 'Alphabet Series' to teach single letter sounds. 
  • Encourage me to use my words to communicate with other children and adults, including saying please and thank you.
  • Share my reading book and sight words regularly, daily if possible or at least three times a week.

For further suggestions about how to support my learning, please talk to the class teachers.