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Burrsville Infant Academy

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Welcome to Year 2

Hazel and Elder Classes

Autumn Term 2019


Topic: Wiggle and Crawl

Sparkling Start: Mini-beast Investigation Day


We have had a fantastic start to year 2 and have been busy getting to know our new teachers and have been learning lots. We had a brilliant 'Sparkling Start' for our new topic Wiggle and Crawl. This included a Bug Hunt in our school forest and lots of fun mini-beast themed activities, such as games and mini-beast craft. We are now excited for all the learning we will be doing around our new topic!

In maths so far, we have been learning all about place value and numbers. We have been learning about how many tens and ones in different numbers and using this to help us answer different problems. We even had a maths themed open morning where we got to show our grown ups all about our learning and how we use the concrete resources, iPads and lots more to support our learning.

In English we have been writing character descriptions based on this half terms text ‘The Bad-Tempered Ladybird’. We used adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions to write interesting character descriptions of the characters in the story. We are also reading the story in our shared reading session. We have been answering questions on the vocabulary in the story and practising retrieving information.

In our topic lessons we have been using our time in the forest to do science investigation on habitats. We have been learning at how to create texture, tone and pattern in our artwork and have crossed this with our computing and have been creating digital art. Also, in computing we have been learning to keep ourselves safe online. In PSHE we have been learning about all the different relationships we have and how they show us they care and how to show them we care. In history we will be comparing seaside holidays now with in the past and will be comparing our local area too!

We have learnt so much so far and can’t wait to keep exploring our new topic and learn lots more!